LovePong App Supports Couples

LovePong is an interesting application that supports couples in relationship. Promoted as a game for couples, it’s a highly interactive website in which two partners sign up to play. The free version provides communication challenges. For example, the first partner might get an assignment such as, “Acknowledge your partner for something you haven’t acknowledged him or her in a while” or “Communicate a pet peeve you have with your partner.” LovePong then guides you to respond in ways that are powerful, responsible and loving.  For example, communicating a pet peeve is a type of complaint. LovePong will guide you to communicate specifically – e.g., how often does this happen and how big a deal is this for you?  Further, it will ask whether there’s something from your own past that exacerbates this upset. For example, suppose your pet peeve is your partner leaving dishes in the sink. Further suppose that growing up, if someone left dishes in the sink you mother would throw a tantrum. So, “dishes in the sink” is a trigger that your mother is going to suddenly appear and start raving. No wonder it upsets you! So LovePong challenges you to own your part in the degree [...]