Therapy for Age-Related/Geriatric Issues

  • Are you concerned about your transition into retirement?
  • Are you struggling with thoughts about your mortality?
  • Have you suffered the loss of loved ones?
  • Are you struggling to come to terms with a decrease in your functioning due to injury or illness?
  • Do you find yourself feeling isolated more than ever?
  • Is your sense of self-worth negatively affected by how you feel about your age?

Getting older is inevitable. And with getting older we experience significant change. The transition from working to being retired, slowing down and having less energy, and losing loved ones are just a few of the difficult changes we experience as we mature. Feelings of isolation, sadness, despair, and regret may accompany such changes, leading to depression and anxiety. Having someone to whom you can talk can help you maintain your sense of independence, feelings of hopefulness, and your integrity.

What is therapy for age-related/geriatric issues like?

Therapy for age-related/geriatric issues can provide you with the opportunity to talk about the challenges you are facing while growing older. It can help you process the feelings about what you are experiencing, learn ways to manage your emotions, and live fully and vibrantly as you encounter the changes that life brings.

Benefits of therapy for age-related/geriatric issues

  • Have support as you experience the challenges inherent in the aging process
  • Let go of any regrets and despair you have
  • Improve your mood and your hopefulness about the future
  • Cope with the losses that the aging process inevitably brings
  • Live a more peaceful, more robust life