Therapy for Stress Issue

  • Do you experience increased tension and irritability?
  • Are you sometimes overwhelmed by a sense of nervousness/anxiety?
  • Do you feel powerless?
  • Do you have fear and anxiety about the future?
  • Do you experience headaches, back pain, or stomach problems?
  • Do you have problems concentrating?
  • Do you experienced sleep problems?
  • Do you have difficulty making decisions?
  • Do you use drugs, alcohol, or other behaviors in an attempt to “numb” yourself to your stress?

We all get stressed. Work, school, relationship, family, and other personal pressures can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed, irritable, and wanting to just “blow up.” You may even experience physical symptoms associated with stress, like headaches, stomach aches, irritable bowel syndrome, and unexplained aches and pains.

What is stress management therapy like?

Stress management therapy can help you discover effective ways of managing your stress and taking steps to prevent it before it negatively impacts you. Methods of stress management you may find helpful in therapy can include deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and other mindfulness practices. Therapy may also focus on how you can think differently to reduce the likelihood of stressful reactions.

Benefits of Stress Management Therapy

  • Understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that contribute to your stress
  • Identify triggers to your stress
  • Develop coping skills and strategies to manage your stress more effectively
  • Live a more relaxed, healthier life

Stress-related issues that I treat include:

  • Relationship Stress
  • Work-Related Stress