Therapy for Men’s Issues

  • Do you experience increased irritability and angry outbursts?
  • Do you “numb” your feelings through drinking, drug use, eating, playing video games, watching pornography, or watching television?
  • Do you feel stuck and unmotivated?
  • Do you struggle in relationships?
  • Do you experience excessive work-related stress?
  • Are you confused by what your role as a man is, particularly in relationship?

As men, we often receive messages suggesting that it is not okay for us to experience a full range of emotions. Sayings like, “Boys don’t cry” and “Man up” are just two examples of this. What we often learn to do as a result is to not fully accept our emotions, become self-critical when we do feel emotions like sadness or pain, suppress our feelings only to have them “explode” out of us later, or find ways to numb our emotions without really dealing with them. Learning to accept ourselves as we are, emotions and all, can lead to a greater sense of self-acceptance, less stress and irritability, and a richer, fuller experience of life.

What is therapy for men’s issues like?

Therapy can help you further understand the messages about masculinity and being a man that you may have internalized and that prevent you from fully honoring your emotions. Therapy can help you challenge these internalized messages and help you increase your awareness of your emotions. You may also learn healthy, effective ways to manage your emotions rather than suppressing them or numbing them through other behaviors.

Benefits of therapy for men’s issues

  • Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Learn ways to manage stress more effectively
  • Learn how to set limits with work and how to set boundaries in relationships
  • Gain increased motivation and energy
  • Learn ways to manage your anger effectively
  • Discover ways to experience your full range of emotions while maintaining your sense of masculinity