Psychotherapy for Fertility and Pregnancy-Related Issues

  • Have you struggled with getting pregnant?
  • Are you sad and frustrated at your difficulty with having a child?
  • Have you suffered the loss of a pregnancy?
  • Has trying to start a family strained your relationship?
  • Have you given birth and experienced feelings of depression and self-doubt?

Difficulties with getting pregnant and loss of a pregnancy can be one of the most challenging issues an individual and couple can face. Feelings of shame, frustration, sadness, and resentment are common, as are feelings of “missing out” and confusion about your self-perception as a woman or a man. Even when successfully having a child, feelings of depression, loss of a sense of self, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are common. Talking about your experience with someone, giving yourself an opportunity to express your feelings about your difficulties and/or loss, and finding ways to manage your challenges and/or loss can be very comforting and helpful.

What is therapy for fertility-and pregnancy-related issues like?

Your journey in trying to have a family is a unique experience that deserves attention that is specific to you and your situation. Therapy can assist you in feeling less alone in your experience and may focus on providing you with the empathy and support that are so important during such trying times. Additionally, learning to attend to your feelings and honoring them while also learning to find ways to support yourself may be areas of focus.

Benefits of therapy for fertility- and pregnancy-related issues

  • Having support as you go through your emotional process
  • Expressing the emotion related to your experience instead of “holding onto it” and continuing to be impacted by it
  • Developing coping skills to manage your emotions
  • Exploring options for being a parent

Fertility- and Pregnancy-related issues that I treat include:

  • Adoption
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Post-Partum Depression