Therapy for Anger Management

  • Do you struggle with anger-related issues?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your sense of anger?
  • Do you sometimes lash out and then regret it?
  • Do you find yourself getting physically agitated over little things?
  • Do you struggle with road rage?
  • Do you get into verbal and/or physical confrontations with other people?
  • Do you often throw or break items out of anger?
  • Do you have a hard time confronting the sadness underneath your anger?

Getting angry is normal. How we manage our anger, however, varies. Struggling to manage our anger can make a big difference in our experience of ourselves and our relationships, as well as how successful we are personally and professionally. We may experience physical symptoms like an increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, and an adrenaline rush, or we can experience interpersonal conflicts and, as a result, feelings of isolation and resentment. Finding ways to identify and manage our anger can greatly improve our lives.

What is anger management therapy?

Anger management therapy can help with anger ranging from daily mild irritation to full-blown rage. By learning the signs and symptoms of anger, the triggers to anger, and ultimately, the coping skills to manage it effectively, anger management therapy can have wonderful benefits.

Benefits of anger management therapy

  • Understand the root causes/contributors of your anger
  • Learn to identify your anger by gaining awareness of what you experience physically, emotionally, and mentally when angry
  • Identify triggers to your anger
  • Develop coping skills to manage your anger
  • Learn helpful ways to express your anger
  • Enjoy greater internal peace and more positive relationships