Therapy for Relationship and Trust Issues

  • Do you have difficulty in relationships, including with romantic partners, friends, co-workers, and family?
  • Do you struggle to trust other people?
  • Are you socially isolated because you have difficulty trusting others?
  • Is mistrust and jealousy interfering with your romantic relationship?
  • Do you have a history of numerous stormy relationships?
  • Do you feel that others are deceptive?

Some degree of mistrust is adaptive. It can help us avoid dangerous situations and remain safe. However, mistrust can also prevent us from fully engaging in relationships, interfere with our connections with others, and create social isolation. Learning why you struggle with trust and how to decrease your sense of mistrust can contribute to improved family, romantic, platonic, and professional relationships.

What is therapy for relationship/trust issues?

Therapy for relationship and trust issues may focus on helping you understand the roots of your tendency to mistrust so you can appreciate why you struggle to trust. Therapy may also assist you in becoming more aware of triggers for your mistrust and how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors contribute to your sense of mistrust. Attention may also be brought to the relationship between you and the therapist so that relationship can serve as a model for learning how to trust others.

Benefits of therapy for relationship/trust issues

  • Understand the causes of and contributors to your trust issues
  • Learn how to separate past experiences from current situations
  • Increase trust in relationship with others
  • Develop skills to support yourself when feeling mistrustful
  • Experience deeper, more meaningful relationships